Waste management: the 43 works of Rouville

2003-mrc-rouville-commence-offrir(Saint-Cesaire) Draft Waste Management Plan (WMP) 2016-2020 MRC of Rouville just reached the stage of public consultation. Once implemented, the new game plan will go even further than the previous version, which dated from 2005.

He had borne fruit, says Etienne Rousseau, coordinator for waste management at the MRC de Rouville. “In the residential sector, the recovery rate was 17.7% in 2000, he illustrates. In 2013, it had climbed to 32%. We see that the first PGMR actions have produced results, but we must go beyond that. ”

That’s not all. In 2003, the MRC has begun offering a door collection EAS door recycling in all municipalities. Two years later, she did the same with the domestic refuse. In doing so, the number of residential units served by these collections grew by 42% and 24% respectively over the last 10-12 years.

Garbage is now buried in two sites outside of the MRC, in Saint-Nicephore and Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton. And tonnage of garbage buried by the MRC decreased by 7% between 2005 and 2014. During the same period, the annual weight of waste disposed for its part, decreased by 34%, amounting to 268 kg per capita, and even though the population has increased by 25%.


As required by law, the plan must be reviewed every five years and cover all sectors of activity where are generated waste (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, renovation, construction and demolition).

Last October, the RCN had adopted draft PGMR 2016-2020 where citizens were invited to speak last week. These public consultations held last Tuesday and Wednesday in Marieville and Saint-Cesaire, however, were little sailed: only 14 citizens were displaced.

This project has several objectives, including to reduce to 700 kg per capita the amount of waste disposed of in 2020; 70% recycled paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal waste, recycle or recover 80% of residual concrete, brick and asphalt as well as sorting at source or move towards a center sorting 70% of construction waste, renovation and demolition of two years by building segment; Finally, to recycle 60% of the organic putrescible waste by 2019.

Collection, eco-centers and awareness

To achieve these goals, the next waste management plan of the MRC de Rouville includes 43 actions to be implemented. Among these include reducing the frequency of garbage collection, which will go once every two weeks to once every three weeks in 2019.

Organic materials are collected from door to door since 2004 in five of the eight municipalities of the RCM, Ange-Gardien, Marieville and Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford did not delegate this power to the regional county municipality. In January, the entire RCM of Rouville, together with its neighbors in the Richelieu Valley and Marguerite d’Youville, however, send his compost in Varennes, where an integrated treatment center of organic matter by anaerobic digestion and composting is currently being built on the grounds of Greenfield Ethanol plant.

“Since the implementation of the brown bins for organic waste collection is expected in 2017, citizens will have two years to get used to sort their waste,” said Etienne Rousseau.

In addition, two eco-centers will also be established on the territory of the MRC in a few years, in Marieville and Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford.

Awareness will also involved the MRC action plan, both citizens side than that of companies.

The estimated costs of the implementation of the GIRM is $ five million by 2020. No way however to ban plastic bags, as is the case elsewhere in Quebec, says Rousseau.

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