Wasps are colorfully destroyed the position of the militants: “just one shot”

ОСы красочно уничтожили позицию боевиков: «Хватило одного выстрела»

In the Internet appeared the footage of the destruction of the militants in the occupied Donbas defenders of Ukraine

This was reported by the volunteer Yury Mysyagin.

“The area occupied Gorlovka, in the midst of another exacerbation, when there was shelling our positions, the battle group of one of the infantry battalions of the 53-th brigade, secretly moved forward, chose the position of Pruritus and destroyed the GPS of terrorists located at the top of the heap. And took one shot,” he said.

However, according to Mysyagin, “the video on the public access can not be set, so as not to hurt our soldiers”.

ОСы красочно уничтожили позицию боевиков: «Хватило одного выстрела»

“…but the photo is perfectly clear to show how it all happened. 1. Lower left red dot is the tail of the bird which flies forward. 2. A bird on approach. 3. No more of the whole VOP. Smashed to smithereens. One bird – a single issue terrorists,” he said.

As reported earlier, APU has dealt a crushing blow to the lair of the Russian occupation troops “L’s republics” in the Donbass. This informs the community “4.5.0 UA”.

Recently it was reported that the occupants suffered huge losses at the forefront in the result of a crushing blow APU. Then the people’s Deputy Yury Mysyagin wrote that the forces of the OOS managed to eliminate three of the occupants, four more were wounded.

ОСы красочно уничтожили позицию боевиков: «Хватило одного выстрела»

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Now in the network appeared new details of successful special operation in the Donbas APU. It is noted that the impact was so powerful that the command of the Russian occupation forces “L/DNR” is trying to understate the official loss.

Moreover, the network published a video which depicted a fatal blow APU on positions of the terrorist units in the area occupied Gorlovka.

“Two confirmed dead opponent. We are talking about Eduard Ivanov “the Dyukhoy” Bogdan and the Centurion “Coyote”. According to available information hostile losses were great, but the Russian occupation forces to hide the real data. On video the moment of death the Kremlin mercenaries, occurred under mysterious circumstances near the occupied Horlivka. Considering the wounded, then eventually broke down one full division of the enemy”, – stated in the message, which was published in Facebook.

ОСы красочно уничтожили позицию боевиков: «Хватило одного выстрела»

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