Washing raw chicken is harmful to health

Мытье сырой курицы может навредить здоровью

Scientists have found out that washing raw chicken can lead to serious health problems. The thing is that the kitchen begins to spread bacteria of the genus Campylobacter causing symptoms of poisoning.

The relevant organisms are able to provoke vomiting, pain, frequency, diarrhea, lead to problems in the digestive tract. Also known deaths. Bacteria are easily spread via hands, water, work surfaces. In this regard, researchers suggest after washing raw chicken to clean hands, and only then move on to heat treatment.

The bacteria Campylobacter means to get into the mouth through contaminated water or hands. They quickly strike the small intestine and can be transmitted to the intracellular space through the membrane. Inside, micro-organisms lead to an inflammatory process, the mucous membrane swells, developing ulcers.

Special care adults should show to children. Elderly people with regard to their weakened immune system it is better not to interact with raw chicken. In such cases, bacteria can penetrate into other organs, where it will provoke the inflammation. As potential targets are the heart muscle, brain, kidney, liver, lungs.

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