Was first spotted in an unexpected place: “I want to grab the bombs of the second world war”

НЛО заметили в неожиданном месте: "хотят захватить бомбы второй мировой войны"

In Canada again noticed the aliens who lit up the sky huge flying saucer

It is reported by the resource “Know.sa”.

A resident of Canada Christine McNaughton posted on his Twitter page on the incredible, which she did at the lake. She noted that the red circles that seem to emanate from the sun, can’t be the Northern lights, because of such natural phenomena, conditions were completely unsuitable.

The girl remembered about the excessive abundance of energy over the lake in the area. According to one version, in the waters of lakes buried many atomic bombs during the Second world war. However, she is convinced that this anomaly can not occur because the emitted energy. Otherwise, a similar pattern would be observed from other regions.

НЛО заметили в неожиданном месте: "хотят захватить бомбы второй мировой войны"

Christina even asked Scott Waring, a famous ufologist Taiwan, to comment on this phenomenon, but he hasn’t replied yet. Other experts believe that it could be a giant UFO. This proves the fact that the lake is hidden underwater alien base. It is worth noting that Canada is not the first time discover the aliens. In April on lake Erie recorded the mysterious object. He had the dark disk, which was practically merged with the horizon. At first glance you might think that’s a cloud. But the object was hanging too low and was exactly formed. The experts clearly decided it a space ship or something else. In addition, near lake Baikal ufologists found an alien with three ears and wrist.

НЛО заметили в неожиданном месте: "хотят захватить бомбы второй мировой войны"

These findings suggest that under the water built an entire system of secret alien bases. Her work is well regulated. Despite all the findings and phenomena, the scientific community continues to deny the existence of aliens.

Recall that the frightened people took a mysterious phenomenon took over the alien ship.

As reported Politeka, the official told the world about alien research.

Also Politeka wrote that the inhabitants of Amsterdam were very surprised when the city appeared in the sky strange unidentified object.