Warriors line up three wins

guerriers-junior-elite-battu-formation(Granby) After a first gain face the same team Friday night, the Junior Elite Warriors swept (5-3 and 17-10) U-18 training Baseball Academy of Canada on Saturday as part of a doubleheader held at the Napoleon-Fontaine stage. The Granby residents have registered three consecutive wins for the first time this season.

Performance that reassure the staff of the team, a week after the resignation of manager Marc Labbé. “It feels quite frankly,” commented coach Jacques Martin, who now calls the shots in the company of Deibis Gomez and Yannick Parent. It was really teamwork. The guys were solid at every position. ”

If the manager hat is officially supported by Gomez, Jacques argues that the three men worked closely together. He said the transition was facilitated by the arrival of veteran Malcolm Gardner, acquired Rocket Coaticook last weekend. “Malcolm is always positive in the shelter. The guys gather around him. ”


The Warriors have nevertheless played with fire in the first game scheduled Saturday.

The premises were initially managed a push three points from their first turn at bat, while a triple James Grondin has enabled two teammates to cross the plate. After productive hitter Maxime Beaudoin and Jonathan Cardin, Granby even led 5-0 after four innings of play.

Used as a starting pitcher, Fernando Fernandez, however, ran into trouble from the sixth inning. The left-hander allowed visitors to score three points, before giving way to David Gauthier. The handyman Warriors caused the last three withdrawals from the meeting, completing the rescue.

Offensive Festival

The second meeting was quick to turn into a real goal feast. In fact, the score was already 8-8 after the first set! “We lost 8-0, but the guys returned to bat and they never gave up,” says Martin Jacques.

Equality persisted until the mid-game, Granby residents managing to slow down the opponent’s attack while continuing to score profusely.

Much of the credit goes to the bullpen Gabriel Morin and Guillaume Beaudry, who allowed no points in the last four innings. Morin was credited with the win, while Beaudry recorded a rescue.

Many players have also reported to the plate in the win 17-10, including Sébastien Léger (3 hits, 4 RBIs), Mathieu Deschenes (2 tablespoons, 4 pp) and Beaudoin (2 tablespoons, 3 pp).

Despite this unprecedented series of victories, the Warriors still occupy the last row of the Uniprix section under a record of 9 wins and 21 losses. The Granby residents face the Dukes of Longueuil (11-12) on the road Monday night.

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