Wallets ready! Big kick serves Ukrainians, was not expecting this: what will change

Кошелькам приготовиться! Большой удар готовят украинцам, такого не ждали: что изменится

Security forces are developing a new method of surveillance of Ukrainians

This writes the UBR

In particular, the introduction of a new method of control over the Ukrainians involved in the tax Inspectorate, which wants to track the income and expenses of citizens.

Кошелькам приготовиться! Большой удар готовят украинцам, такого не ждали: что изменится

It is noted that the innovation contained in the bill (No. 1183) “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts of Ukraine regarding voluntary one-time Declaration of assets of natural persons”

“If the excess is a little more than 40 000 UAH. (10 minimum wages), and people will not be able to document where the revenues, it expects additional income tax on the excess of expenditure over income in the amount of 18.5% and penalties,” — said the expert Natalia Radchenko

This method of control I want to implement in opposition to the tax Amnesty, which, in turn, wanted to spend from 1 January 2020 to 31 may 2020 In the framework of this process, the Ukrainians will be offered to expose all their undeclared assets. About the origin of money and property will not ask, but taxes will have to pay, though at a reduced rate. Moreover, citizens will be exempted from criminal, administrative and financial responsibility.

The document actually is the Amnesty of capital, which for several months talking to the team of President Vladimir Zelensky. To start a campaign for the voluntary Declaration was planned from the moment the law came into force in the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 may 2020 it will Concern all without an exception of assets acquired before 31 December 2019.

Кошелькам приготовиться! Большой удар готовят украинцам, такого не ждали: что изменится

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Previously, we reported that public servants record raised the fines. In particular, people’s deputies adopted the bill No. 1047 to increase the penalties for overloaded trucks in the amount of from 500 to 2000 tax-free minimum. “For” voted 331 MP.

The document proposes to allow on auto-commit violations associated with exceeding weight or size limits, as well as accrual of penalties for such violations.

The bill provides that for exceeding the established by the legislation of the size and weight standards 5% to 10% in the carriage of goods without authorization shall be imposed a fine of 500 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens; from 10% to 20% — a penalty of 1000 non-taxable minimum; more than 20% a fine of 2000 untaxed minimum incomes of citizens.

We will remind, at Zelensky are going to reduce taxes to the Ukrainians, this has not happened.

As reported Politeka, representatives of IT-business responded to the new tax.

Also Politeka wrote that the Prime Minister Goncharuk blew for the attack on the Ukrainians, already boiling.