Walking on the 410: cost overruns below 10%, said the MTQ

ministere-transports-quebec-mtq-rectifie(Sherbrooke) The Department of Transport (MTQ) corrects some data concerning the contemplated cycle bridge to build the City of Sherbrooke above Highway 410. If the City believes that unforeseen cost overruns jeopardize plans initial, MTQ ensures that overtaking is below 10%.

Recall that the director of the department of urban infrastructure of the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, said Monday that the project as it was thought initially questioned. The City opted for a bridge overpass hanging on to complete the bike path on Boulevard de Portland. Initially the option to force cyclists to dismount their bicycles to cross directly over the bridge deck had been rejected. It seems excluded.

Nadege Tessier, communications advisor to the direction of the Eastern Townships MTQ says that the grant obtained under Veloce II program, the Government of Quebec, was not only building a bridge, but also the development of the cycle track in front of the Carrefour Estrie. This grant was based on the total cost of the work, valued at $ 1,946,610 by the City of Sherbrooke.

The grant amount is a maximum of 50% of total expenditure. “If the cost of the bridge project was scaled back, the subsidy would also be downgraded,” says Ms. Tessier, who could not disclose the estimated cost of the bridge itself.

“The difference between the estimate of the consulting engineering firm and the lowest bid amount is less than 10%,” adds Nadège however Tessier.

Caroline Gravel had for its part argued that the share of subsidy reserved for the gateway amounted to $ 710,000. If it is indeed 50% of the total, this would mean that the bridge was to cost $ 1.42 million.

The MTQ has received six bids for the construction of the work. Compliance remains to be established. The lowest bidder is Couillard Construction Ltd., with $ 1,568,708. This does not, however, include sites monitoring costs. This is where the rub.

The chairman of the executive committee Serge Paquin replies that cost overruns, among others because of the ongoing monitoring site, is much greater than 10% and that is why municipal services were mandated to reassess the project. “We do not want to reveal the value of the overrun because we must first talk to the board members, who have not been informed. In the total cost, include professional fees and this is where overtaking is important. There would be no problem if the difference was less than 10%, “says Paquin.

MTQ requires continuous monitoring of the site. “The estimated costs associated with monitoring is not public information, as commercial in nature and that its disclosure could affect the granting of Contracts in process” adds Hélène Beauchesne Advisor communication to the direction of the Eastern Townships MTQ.

“The City has been informed of all the costs April 13, 2016. Continuous monitoring is a common practice for structural projects. Similarly, the cost of the bridge is not different from other similar works, “adds Nadège Tessier.

Nadege Tessier confirms that the MTQ is prime contractor in this case, since the bridge spans a highway.

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