Walking burns fat is not worse than Jogging: the right way to walk

Спортивная ходьба сжигает жир не хуже бега: как правильно ходить

Walking will help you to cope with the extra pounds and runs this sport is not worse than Jogging

Doctors say that a grueling workout at the gym does not fit all, for reasons of health or age. However, when idle it is difficult to lose weight. There are gentle methods that combine the pleasant with the useful.

One of such methods is an Amateur walking. Physical activity from walking are gentle, unlike running. However, the benefits from walking is not inferior to the run.

While walking, normalized blood pressure and blood sugar levels, walking a beneficial effect on the functioning of joints and blood vessels. In addition to the physical benefits, these exercises act positively on psychological well being: relieves mental tension and suppressed stress.

Спортивная ходьба сжигает жир не хуже бега: как правильно ходить

Moderate walking length of 2 kilometers consumes about 200 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes of intense running. When walking the load on the muscles of the back and legs is soft and gentle to the spine.

Walking is the most budget and affordable sport. Not require the services of a coach, gym membership and special clothing. All you need is to go out in comfortable shoes. However, there are some requirements for the art walk to achieve the greatest effect. Namely:

1. The back should be straight with minimum deviation forward 5-10 centimeters.

2. Elbows are better kept flexed, and the legs in a straight position.

3. When walking, one should strive to go the pelvis.

4. Key movement — a slight shift of the load on the foot from toe to heel.

5. Shoulders should be relaxed and breathing is calm and smooth.

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At first, we should not seek to pass long distances. Walking pace and distance it is better to increase gradually. You can start with 20 minute walks, gradually increasing the load, gradually adapting the body to a new training system. Ideally, according to doctors, to achieve the healing effect to take place at day 7 km women 8 km and men.

Спортивная ходьба сжигает жир не хуже бега: как правильно ходить

Walking will be the perfect tool for weight loss. In addition, it has a tonic and firming effect. Exercise can become soothing, meditation, if you take a player and listen to music. And you can also find a kindred spirit to walk with which the time will pass faster during interesting conversations.

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