Walker made a loud statement in Donbas: “it will happen soon”

Волкер сделал громкое заявление по Донбассу: «это произойдет уже скоро»

The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker intends in the next few weeks to visit Kiev — the visit will be preceded by talks between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States in Washington

He said this during the Senate hearing, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“I hope to be able to make another visit to Ukraine in the next few weeks before the visit (Zelensky — ed.) in the White house,” said Walker.

The diplomat stressed that the administration trump a positive attitude towards the establishment of direct contacts with the new President of Ukraine.

“The Secretary of state Pompeo called candidate Zelensky, and at that time President Poroshenko before the elections. President trump called Zelensky, to congratulate him on the night after the election,” said Walker.

In addition, he recalled that Donald trump sent Zelensky written invitation to visit the White house, but the parties, he said, has yet to agree the dates of the visit.

“We hope it will happen soon,” said the special representative of the United States.

He also stressed that Moscow’s attempts to return Ukraine under its influence, make it a part of “Russian Empire” will not have success because this will not want the Ukrainian people.

“If Russia wants the Ukraine again became part of the Russian sphere of influence,”the Russian Empire”, I think that this opportunity is lost. After all, the Ukrainian people will never return there,” he said.

According to Volker, the US, EU and other countries of the West to help the Ukrainians to fight off Russian aggression, which aims to restore control over Ukraine.

“We are working hard to maintain a United and powerful Western policy. The US and the EU imposed sanctions, strengthened them. We lifted restrictions on the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine”, — he added.

The US special envoy on Ukraine recalled the allocation of additional aid from the US for Ukraine in the sphere of security and defense.

“So, we strengthen our position, and I believe this position is sustainable,” — said the diplomat.

Recall Walker disgraced a statement on Ukraine.

As reported Рoliteka, Walker said. when Russia will return to Ukraine Crimea.

Also Рoliteka wrote that Zelensky pleased with the results of the meeting with Volker.