“Wait, we have to pay the mortgage for the apartment where you will live, also to pay for rental housing?”

«Подожди, мы должны платить ипотеку за квартиру, в которой будете жить вы, при этом ещё и оплачивать себе съёмное жильё?»

My husband and kopeck piece, for which we pay the mortgage. For this reason, we do not yet have children first debt payments. My brother and his wife — one bedroom apartment, which they gave my mother. The family of brother the loan for the car, TV, washer / dryer and some kind of console. And to them it does not bother to reproduce.

His brother’s wife, Sonia, climbs out of the decrees — she recently got pregnant 4 times. With family its Sonya not speaking about the reasons — is silent. Therefore, to expect help nowhere especially, mum is sick, she has helped them — my mom gave.

Brother is one. our city is not very big salaries, so the family of brother constantly needs something. For the most part, the help they provided to my husband — milk, fruits, meat. But our budget is not rubber, so it happens and refuse.

To live in one room with her husband and three children, Sonia was sick, so she came to me and started to blackmail me. According to her idea, it goes like this: my husband and I have to give them our apartment, still paying for her mortgage. And Sonia family will live in our husband’s apartment, and their — pass. My question is: where will I live and the husband? Sonia said:

— Will shoot you because the kid.

Wait, we have to pay the mortgage for the apartment where you will live, also to pay for rental housing? — I asked, not believing his ears.

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— Yes! So when the apartment will be free?

Never. I have that on my forehead “fool” written? Have you tried everything to get out of the decree and work? — I could not resist.

— You deny children? — Sonia frowned.

— No, I deny you. — cut me.

— So I will do abortion! And it will be on your conscience! — Sonia stamped her foot.

— Sonia, I’m sorry, but are you all home? I was forced to get pregnant? Force at the barrel of the gun? To give birth or not, yours and only your choice. I don’t need to get involved. I’m sorry, but you gotta go. — I pointed out the arrogant visitor to the exit.

You’ll regret it! Yes, to you their children never had! Or was, but the sick! — hissed Sonia, leaving the apartment.

I just remember that she is a child, otherwise, what exactly would hit these words. Unfortunately, the story is not over.

The same evening my husband came home my brother. He is on the threshold gave me a slap in the face and started shouting:

— How dare you meddle in my business? How dare you talk to my pregnant wife?

The noise popped up my husband, appreciating the situation, he rushed to my brother:

— What are you doing?

— It sends my wife to get rid of the baby! — cried the brother.

— Honey? — looked at my husband.

told my husband about the visit of Sonia and her requirements. The husband grinned. But the brother again screamed:

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— What’s so funny? You have to give us the apartment, thing Sonia says. And she seriously decided to get rid of the baby if you refuse.

Another one. — I sighed. — You’re both adults. This is just an excuse, an attempt to shift the responsibility on other people. But the decision to accept you Sonja. Frankly, I would in its place stop after the second child.

— You sure? You won’t go? — asked the brother.

Exactly. — in one voice said my husband.

— Well, in your hands the life of the unborn child. And you live with it. said brother and left.

A week later, I called my mother. She roared into the phone, and called me a murderer. Said know didn’t want me anymore. It’s because of me Sonya got rid of the pregnancy.

And worst of all, almost all the polls say that I really blame. I was obliged on their request to vacate the apartment for people who are concerned about the improvement of the demographic situation in the country and all the forces, not sparing himself, give birth and give birth to new taxpayers.

The climax was the fact that she’s from girlfriends Sony of spray paint wrote on my front door “murderer.” The world has gone mad? And it really was a selfish thing is to refuse to leave your apartment? While the text was printed, Sonia called. Money for milk asked. I will not give. More will not give a penny.

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