Voracity and problems with libido: the five signs that you need to sleep more

Прожорливость и проблемы с либидо: пять признаков, что спать надо больше

Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep threatening health problems, so please note that the full whether you get enough sleep

Chronic sleep deprivation is no joke. Scientists say that it can cause dozens of diseases from acne to cancer. To avoid this, check right now: suddenly, you sleep enough?

You have a lot there

People who regularly do not get enough sleep, eat in a day approximately 300 extra kcal. That is, if you do not improve the regime, a year can recover as much as 15 kg. And the thing is the fact that lack of sleep increases the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. He has no strength to resist something sweet and carbohydrate..

Прожорливость и проблемы с либидо: пять признаков, что спать надо больше

You Wake up already tired

The body is just not enough time to recover and relax.

You started to get sick often

Sleep deprivation hurts immunity. First bells — is colds. People who sleep less than seven hours a day, get cold 3 times more often. Chronic diseases also begin to deteriorate — in diabetics may even decrease insulin sensitivity.

You began to frequently make mistakes in the work

Sleep deprivation acts on the body as well as alcohol. The reaction slows down, the performance is deteriorating to focus becomes more difficult. Experiments have shown that lack of sleep a person is more difficult to make the right decision, and she is more prone to unnecessary risk.

You left the desire to have sex

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Pillow seems to be better than embrace of a loved one? All due to the fact that fatigue increased the level of stress hormone in your blood. And stress — the main enemy of libido.

You want to take a NAP in the afternoon

Especially after eating, in warm room, in a transport. This desire is not natural. The sound of the motor or a boring lecture can’t compel a NAP themselves. This is possible only if you have not slept.

Прожорливость и проблемы с либидо: пять признаков, что спать надо больше

You often spoils the mood

Due to lack of sleep worse we carry casual and more of them worried. So if you are successful and satisfied with their lives, but not leave you in a bad mood, lack of energy and desire to cry, maybe just need some sleep. And if you ignore this need, and further, will receive a prolonged depression.

Recall the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation: the conclusion of scientists is shocking

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