Volvo presented the truck of the future: without cabin and with the autopilot

Volvo презентовала тягач будущего: без кабины и с автопилотом

Swedish company Volvo has introduced the concept of unmanned electric truck Vera.

Volvo Trucks has shown an Autonomous electric tractor, named Vera. Futuristic truck, its design and technical capabilities are very much like cars from films about the future, able to haul over 30 tons and a great fit to all the standard trailers. Currently, the Volvo engineers, the tractor of the future is brought to mind, and the date of the debut of the commercial version of the drone Vera is not even advertised.

Volvo презентовала тягач будущего: без кабины и с автопилотом
It is known that the first models of Autonomous cargo transport will be tested in local areas, for example, ports, logistics centers or in the territories of large factories.
Volvo презентовала тягач будущего: без кабины и с автопилотом
The developers of the concept believe that advanced technology and electric drivetrain will make the transportation faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly. So, the Autonomous platform due to its low noise level can work round the clock also reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

To control the truck that lost classic of the cabin, and, respectively, and driver will be using a cloud service. Every Volvo truck Vera is connected with the control center, which experts in real time will monitor and optimize the logistics flow. Unmanned tractors can pass in Cent information about their current position, battery level, speed and time of arrival.

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