Voluntari vs Steaua live streaming free

“Voluntari” and “Steaua” traditionally give out incredibly entertaining fights. In our forecast, you can find out: will it be like this today?


” Voluntari ” is a rather mediocre team inside Romania, because they do not shine, but they do not intend to give in. Houses in this season scored nine points for six games, which can be called a satisfactory result for the middle peasants of the Major League. “Burgundians” are very young, because the club is only seven years old, and they are already holders of the Cup of Romania. The composition of a huge number of experienced players.


” Steaua ” – one of the major giants of Romanian football. It is thanks to this team in Europe that they do not forget about such a beautiful country as Romania. “CSKA” show impressive football, but misfires are allowed too often. This does not allow players to climb to the top of the mountain called League 1. We are confident that sooner or later they will start to gain consistently three points. Maybe the series will begin with today’s meeting.

Statistics and personal meetings

Team Steaua does not lose four games in a row.
In each of the last three matches, ” Voluntari ” was scored less than two goals.
In all meetings of these clubs, both teams scored.


Bookmakers too underestimate the hosts today. The guests always look hard, playing against Voluntari . The hosts often manage to excel, and the last meetings were too unproductive. In their native stadium they are obliged to give a fight to the favorite in order to cheer the fans. There must be many heads.

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