Voloshin: the Change of the US Ambassador in Ukraine will expand the possibilities of dialogue between Kiev and Moscow brokered by Medvedchuk

Волошин: Смена посла США в Украине расширит возможности диалога Киева и Москвы при посредничестве Медведчука

Rotation U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine and replace Marie Yovanovitch on the diplomat, enjoying great confidence of the President of the United States Donald trump is going to contribute to the dialogue between Washington and Moscow, and the productive negotiations of Ukraine with Russia

Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” stated the political analyst on international Affairs Oleg Voloshin.

“She had lost the confidence of trump. Her replacement will change the largely American policy in Ukraine. …He (the new Ambassador – Ed.) fully carrier administration trump,” — said the expert.

According to Voloshin, the US attitude to the Ukrainian side today, “there is no romanticism in the post-Maidan government”. “In the administration of the tramp is now ready for dialogue with Russia over Ukraine. And this is confirmed by a recent conversation with trump Putin,” he said.

The political scientist recalled the long-standing confrontation between Marie Yovanovitch (then Deputy US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst) and former head of Administration of President Kuchma, Viktor Medvedchuk, which, in his opinion, until recently, hindered the dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. “All the time her work here, she is very wary of the role of Medvedchuk a mediator between Kiev and Moscow, and in many ways interfere with this role. Now it expands the opportunities for dialogue involving Kiev and Moscow, with the mediation of Viktor Medvedchuk”, — said Oleg Voloshin.

The expert even opined that Marie Yovanovitch “is not only not welcomed, but to some extent, even hindered the intermediary role of Medvedchuk in negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. Today its replacement by a more pragmatic politician, diplomat, …will strengthen the capacity for mediation Medvedchuk in such dialogue”.

We will remind, in 2002, a state Commission of inquiry was headed by Viktor Medvedchuk. The Commission examined each sample and presented evidence that Ukraine did not sell “Kolchuga” to Iraq. There have been produced 42 instance.

The Commission’s report was published in Ukraine, Medvedchuk went to the United States, reported on the outcome of the investigation in the UN Security Council. These conclusions have found further confirmation when the Americans went into Iraq because of any “Armor” they have not found.