Volochkova showed a new photo from vacation: chest does not fit in a swimsuit

Волочкова показала новые фото с отдыха: грудь не помещается в купальник

Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova actively engaged in their profile on the social network Instagram and often pleases fans with new photo and video

Now, the star shows off plenty of photos from the Maldives.

Most of the photos Anastasia is dressed in a turquoise two-piece bikini, decorated with white shells. The top bikini is pretty small for a ballerina. Some images of the lush Breasts of a ballerina almost comes out from under the swimsuit.

Волочкова показала новые фото с отдыха: грудь не помещается в купальник

The opportunity to comment on the photo Volochkova their fans deprived. Apparently, the star is tired of the constant criticism that she has to listen to under each photo.

Each of the exposed posts Anastasia subscribers was estimated at a few thousand likes.

Recall that Anastasia Volochkova once again disgraced before the crowd, the witnesses said on social media.

As you know, the famous dancer is now resting in the Maldives and falls asleep subscribers beach photo heels or with twine. However, when Volochkova only flew on a Paradise island, it managed to attract the attention of the whole plane drunk fights.

So, one of the girls who was also on Board that plane, in the comments under the photo Volochkova with the flight attendants told me that celebrity all the way drunk and molested crew members.

Волочкова показала новые фото с отдыха: грудь не помещается в купальник

“The young lady flew in economy class, the whole flight was hitting on the flight attendants. She asked the senior flight attendant on the meeting with the commander of the ship, she said, when the captain will be free, it will call. Also, she has the entire flight booze”, — said the eyewitness.

The eyewitness said that Volochkova, though flying in economy class, built the crew’s eyes and wanted her replaced in business class:

“The photographs in the cabin in business class was unavailable for Volochkova, as she was flying in it. The picture was taken in the kitchen of a business class next to the crew cabin and toilet for passengers. A senior flight attendant was not to be photographed, and next is the General Manager of the business class. Lady really wanted her to feel invited to change with the economy, but alas,” he shared details of the flight involuntary witness behavior Volochkova.

Recall that Volochkova made shameless photo in mini-bikini: “you can see everything!”

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