Volatile Directorate at the Phoenix School: Parents are tired

mouvements-personnel-cadre-ne-pas(GRANBY) In Granby, the Phoenix Elementary School had eight changes to his leadership in five years, a situation that irritates many parents.

A dozen of them were presented at the last meeting of the year of the school board of Val-des-Cerfs on Tuesday to denounce this volatility they deem harmful to the school staff and children.

“The logic of collective agreements passed the desires of directors before the needs of children, lamented Dimka Belec, father of two students, in La Voix de l’Est. Stability for a child, is essential for its development. It’s not that we see at the Phoenix school. ”

President of the governing board of the school which includes the Saint-Eugène pavilions and St. Mary, Councillor Julie Bourdon was also expressed at the microphone. She recalled that the Phoenix school is located in disadvantaged areas, which makes it even more important stability of its management.

In such an environment, the director and deputy director have a special relationship with the pupils and their families, including several newcomers are. “Every day, in Phoenix, a student” explodes, “said Ms. Bourdon in an interview. The director then makes a response plan, and it’s a lot. It is close to students; there monitoring, understanding. As it is, everything is still to start. ”

The school team is destabilized when a new boss took office, said Ms. Bourdon. She added that allowance to hire specialists to help struggling students was also put to the sword.


This is a section in which Val-des-Cerfs has no control, said the president of the school board, Paul Sarrazin, regarding the Acting intervention strategy.

As for the many directions that have succeeded at the Phoenix school for five years, Mr. Sarrazin said that Val-des-Cerfs was “conscious” and that these changes “are never made gaiety of heart.”

These movements of senior staff, whether at the school or elsewhere, is not that to the school board, said the president. “There are departures, retirements, promotions too. It is taken to juggle that. ”

“We manage with the principle of stability, said Éric Racine, Acting Director General of Val-des-Cerfs. But there are times when this is not possible. “He acknowledged that there had been a” cascade of events “in the school of the Phoenix” particularly because of cadres management rules “which explains the many changes.

“We now have a seasoned team,” he added, without guaranteeing that the new director Stephan Campbell and the new deputy director, Julie Guillemette, held the fort longer than their predecessors.

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