Vodafone hard disgraced with 4G: “scratch beats”

Vodafone жестко оскандалился с 4G: "на пустом месте выбивает"

The Ukrainians recently complaining about the poor Internet connection, which is already orders of magnitude tired

In social networks Ukrainians raised the question of not enough good work the much-vaunted 4G. In particular, we are talking about the fact that he constantly knocks.

Thus, the user Daria Davydova filed a complaint to the company “Vodafone” in relation to the poor performance of the connection. The dialogue went as follows:

“Good day! I have a terrible running 4G constantly knocks. — Because you have it always on. Switch off when not using the Internet. I for this and bought a package with unlimited Internet to be connected. Vodafone Ukraine, maybe let your consultant better already advise me to change operator?”

Users of the social network gave some advice to the author of the post.

“And don’t forget to turn your phone off when you do not call someone. But if someone wants to call, let them leave a message on the answering machine, or use the old-fashioned pager,” writes Jaroslav Ballo. Another commenter sarcastically said that he would have to take place on the Internet this morning.

In particular, users are advised to change SIM card. The mobile operator at the same time assures that failures 4G.

Vodafone жестко оскандалился с 4G: "на пустом месте выбивает"

Also earlier it was reported that Kyivstar, one of the most popular mobile operators in Ukraine, continues to disappoint its users. Each of us at least once in their life wondered about where the money suddenly disappear from his mobile phone. And if the subscribers of “Kyivstar” blame all the troubles of the mobile operator, they in turn complain about the carelessness of the users.

Recently, the subscribers of “Kyivstar” Marina grace complained that this is the fourth time trying to pay for the package, but instead of withdrawing the required amount of $ 155 hryvnia, the operator removes every day for 20 hryvnia, she reported about it in Facebook. The representatives of Kyivstar tried to explain to the client that in that moment, when she sleeps, her phone continues to use the Internet, so and removed such amount of money.

Vodafone жестко оскандалился с 4G: "на пустом месте выбивает"

Recall that in Kyivstar favorite packages Ukrainians will replace doubtful novelty.

On April 12, popular Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar disables SMS packages: “Package 60, 20, and 30 SMS”, “SMS Package 120”, “240 Package SMS” and “SMS package 150 messages”, “SMS-package 50”. Kyivstar subscribers that used one of these services will be offered a package “150 SMS,” according to Znaj.ua .

Recall, Kyivstar mocking customers

As reported Politeka, “Kyivstar” suddenly raised tariffs, be transferred automatically without the consent of the

Also Politeka wrote that Kyivstar secretly fooled the Ukrainians: what can you offer other