VNO-2019 in Ukraine announced the final timetable for crucial exams

ВНО-2019 в Украине: озвучен финальный график проведения решающих экзаменов

Ukrainian students called the final schedule of EIT in 2019

A message was released by the press service of the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration, reports TSN.

It is noted that the current State final examination (DPA) must be started from may 14, but start VNO-2019 is scheduled for may 21.

ВНО-2019 в Украине: озвучен финальный график проведения решающих экзаменов

The Department reported that the final certification for pupils of 4 classes will be held from 14 to 24 may. Students scheduled for exams on two subjects — Ukrainian language/literature and mathematics.

With regard to pupils 9-x classes, then they will take the final certification already in three subjects: Ukrainian language, mathematics and a subject that will choose the school. The examination is scheduled from 4 to 19 June, and the issuance of documents on education 14 June.

Also, the Department noted that the session EIT-2019 for graduates of 11 classes starts may 21 testing in math and will end on June 13, test in chemistry. The official results of education documents is planned for 26 and 27 June, and last call in all classes will be held on may 31.

ВНО-2019 в Украине: озвучен финальный график проведения решающих экзаменов

We will remind, in Kiev educational institutions have already begun the scandals after the introduction of new rules of admission of children to first grade.

So, the Director of one of Kiev schools and a member of the Collegium of the Ministry of education has threatened to contact the tax office to check parents who enter into a “fake lease agreements” to send your child to school on a territorial basis.

“A warning to those “schemers”, who now can prepare fake “leases” to obtain a place at school where it is entitled to other people who do live at this school. So: as school Director and as a citizen I can apply to the tax with a request to verify the suspicion of committing a tax crime, tax evasion,” said he.

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As reported Politeka, the culprits of the attack on a schoolgirl in Odessa found a new victim.

Also Politeka told me that the most important objects in the universities of Ukraine is under threat of extinction.