Vladimir Zelensky revealed the secret Poroshenko: “the Problem on a physical level”

Владимир Зеленский раскрыл тайну Порошенко: "Проблема на физическом уровне"

President Vladimir Zelensky said that Petro Poroshenko is trying to organize a new Maidan due to the fact that he is against the withdrawal of troops in Donbass

As reported Politeka, press marafone in Kiev Zelensky said that European partners of Ukraine are in shock from prishedshego.

The President said that Poroshenko against the withdrawal of troops in Donbass and against “formula Steinmeier” that such breeding involves. For this he was allegedly trying to collect a new Maidan.

Владимир Зеленский раскрыл тайну Порошенко: "Проблема на физическом уровне"

“Error Poroshenko that he feels that he can be a leader of a new Maidan. But he forgets that he is no longer President. Not even the fact that forgets, and doesn’t believe, I’m afraid it’s already at the physical level problem. He is against the cultivation [of forces in the Donbas], and it seems that for this reason can be the Maidan,” said Zelensky.

According to Zelensky, to achieve its goal of Poroshenko incites people and their media, and their actions.

“Not only that, he slightly pushes the independence of their media, and their actions. Accidentally walked-walked — and came to the Maidan?” said Zelensky.

Previously, the text of the “formula Steinmeier” has caused a public outcry, the night of the signing of the document held a picket near the Office of the President.

Владимир Зеленский раскрыл тайну Порошенко: "Проблема на физическом уровне"

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3 Oct in the video Zelensky said that “formula” should be implemented in the new law on special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which the Verkhovna Rada will be developed in close cooperation and in public discussion with the community, and it will not be crossed no “red line”.

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