Vladimir hill thoroughly strengthen to save the collapsing for many years the Philharmonic.

Владимирскую горку основательно укрепят, чтобы спасти разрушающуюся много лет Филармонию, – эксперт

Vladimir hill thoroughly strengthen to save the collapsing for many years the building of the Philharmonic

This was stated by political analyst Alexei holomuzki in the social network Facebook.

“Did you know that the national Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kyiv for 40 years was under threat of destruction? The reason for this was a dangerous landslide situation at Vladimirskaya Gorka Park in Khreshchate. Decades this problem somehow, no one was interested. And only in recent years, the Kiev administration has held top priority, which made it possible to save the building. And there are now plans to substantially strengthen landslide-prone slopes, to permanently secure the building”, – says the expert.

According to him, active about the dangerous situation of the building began in 2008. However, then the city government was more concerned about the land than the building itself. And the struggle to save looked like a skirmish on the pages of various media, instead of the actual work.

“But after the revolution of Dignity the situation, fortunately, has changed. In the current administration seem to understand that the Philharmonic is in the first place, historical building and should be protected. No wonder in the reconstruction of Vladimir’s hill in the past year, protection has been installed from landslides. If she hadn’t – after a few years the Park and its surroundings just started to go. Now developed and is already beginning to infiltrate the project to strengthen the area directly near to a building which is already exactly not threatened. The slope is then thoroughly reinforce to forget about this problem in principle,” – continues the analyst.

The expert believes that it is impossible to leave one of the iconic buildings of the city unattended.

“It’s all good, of course, but what I can not understand – how can it be that for several decades the officials did not care about the building which many residents and guests of the capital associated with the city? Don’t care about history, music, even the fact that landslides will affect traffic and can threaten the life and health of the people of Kiev? I am glad that now the situation is recovering, but the questions to the previous government remain…” – sums up Alex golobutsky.