Vlad Yama struck a “hairy” appearance: “Oh demon hands”

Влад Яма поразил "волосатым" внешним видом: "Ого демон на руках"

Famous Ukrainian choreographer and star of “Dancing with the stars” Vlad Yama was surprised by the archival

On his page on Instagram, the dancer has posted archival photos with grandma and a small dog. In this case, the head of Vlad still sported curly hair, and eyebrows merged into one.

“Grandma always says: “do Not let your God, Vladek, pereiti those scho experienced mi if NMC to the hati Sisli!”… Grandma, we know how important to You this day, hang in there, we will soon welcome you!.. All the Holiday and peace!..🌷”, — signed the Vlad Yama.

“Sorry, Vlad, but then a sex symbol and does not smell…😂”, “Vlad with hair similar to “Vitalka”, “at first I did not know this young man Vlad Yama )))” ,”Funny Vlad Yama)😍”, “Granny and Prince Monopolka))) no offense Vlad,sincerely))”, “Vitalka similar 😬” “Your mono-eyebrow DELIGHTFUL😂😂💙”, “Oh, these eyebrows”, “Vlad you’re so funny,” “Unusual, Vlad with hair and one eyebrow))”, “Eyebrow😎”, “Wow demon hands)” — joke fans in the comments.

Влад Яма поразил "волосатым" внешним видом: "Ого демон на руках"

Earlier it was reported that Vlad Yama shared in his racy Instagram photo with his speech. It Vlad was captured during the dance, however, he has no shirt and eloquently keeps for a belt of trousers, obviously intending to remove them. Fans seeing this photo of the dancer was delighted with muscled torso Vlad. And many have turned their attention to the scratches on his back.

Fans immediately started wondering where they came from, and leave compliments sportswear Vlad. Some for example have suggested that Vlad Yama someone whipped, others compared it with famous athletes such as van Dam and Bruce Lee.

Влад Яма поразил "волосатым" внешним видом: "Ого демон на руках"

“Sports style” “Bodybuilder💪💪💪”, “Much, but 😍😍🔥💫😊”, “what about the back? Who’s whipped?))”, “What are those scratches on your back?))”, “Well, it’s definitely a fire 🔥🔥🔥👍”, “Cool! Reminiscent Of Bruce Lee. Only scratch is on the wrong side…💪👊”, “Come to America and make a worthy competition to show magic Mike🙌😉😉💪”, “Wow😍Here is a Handsome👍👍👍”, “Almost like van Dam.”.

Recall, Vlad Yama after “Dancing with the stars” changed the profession: very brutal.

As reported Politeka, Vlad Yama danced Striptease in front of thousands of Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that Vlad Yama left Ukraine together with his wife: “the most vivid and special sense”.