Vive insistence from Quebec

villegiateurs-chambord-presente-trois-resolutionsVacationers Chambord claiming the annexation Desbiens to reiterate to the government their determination to change the municipality. According to them, this request is legitimate and justified. They were close to 70 Monday night to attend a special meeting of council of Desbiens.

“We ask the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy (Mamot) to respect our request that conforms to guide annexation and that meets all the criteria required in the guide mentioned Germain Mercier and Robert Houle, representatives of the citizens affected. We want to focus on it. We took the annexation guide, we followed to the letter, we meet the criteria, and it is we who ask it, “insisted Mr. Houle.

The project, remember, is to annex the coastal territory from the Motel Lac-Saint-Jean to the limits of Desbiens, affecting 80 residences. The route continues inland, swallowing forty chambordaise properties. This new area in question includes the site of the Agropur plant.


Representatives from the path of Pointe-aux-Trembles and areas of Marais and Norse filed three resolutions elected Desbiens. Citizens of rank Desmeules joined the process.

Through this approach, the approximately 165 vacationers want to publicly express their desire to obtain water and sewer services. The demands of their municipality about septic tanks could cost up to $ 20,000 per household.

The three resolutions will be attached to memory that the municipality of Desbiens Mamot ship in mid-August. Mayor Nicolas Martel is satisfied that the record is “concrete” and he expects that the decision turned in favor of democracy.

He questions the member for Roberval and Prime Minister Philippe Couillard to take a stand on this issue. “The intervention of Mr. Couillard would play a key role. You answer to 100% to the Ministry annexation criteria. Normally this annexation then should be granted, “said Mayor Martel.

“The least we can do for a municipality is to provide these minimum basic services. These people deserve respect. In Quebec, we must move forward in development. And development, it requires basic services. The annexation guide is clear. We welcome your inquiry, “he said.

The project received support from the MRC Lac-Saint-Jean Est. If realized, the area of ​​Desbiens spend 10 to 35 square kilometers. Chambord is opposed to the process.

Monday night, citizens areas Marais, Norse and the path of Pointe-aux-Trembles Chambord have insisted that their approach meets the criteria MAMROT annexation guide.

“We, the citizens, want to publicly acknowledge our desire to obtain water and sewage services and to do this, we ask the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Organization of the territory to respect our request that conforms to guide annexation and that meets all the criteria required in the guide:

• This is indeed a demand from citizens. Indeed, over 90% of them have signed a form requesting the annexation;

• This application is well obtaining basic services or water and sewer;

• The municipality of Chambord can meet this demand and has not expressed willingness to find an appropriate solution to the situation;

• The proximity of the town of Desbiens and ability to meet our needs make a relevant solution;

• In addition, we stress the environmental objective as getting sewer and water services from Desbiens ensure our territory. ”

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