VIP-cemetery guard and only one visitor: the grave of Yanukovych showed the Ukrainians

ВИП-кладбище, охрана и только один посетитель: могилу Януковича показали украинцам

The victim Viktor Yanukovych Jr., who died on the lake, buried on the outskirts of Sevastopol in the place which is likely to be the family crypt for all the rest of the family

In the network appeared the photo with a picture of the grave of the former head of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The body of the deceased is on the North side of Sevastopol, which is occupied by Russia, on the Fraternal memorial cemetery.

Next to the monument, made of black marble, set two benches. The area is well guarded by two video cameras: one is located near the lamp, and the second speaker. Local see often the wife of Yanukovych at the grave. She takes care of the burial place.

ВИП-кладбище, охрана и только один посетитель: могилу Януковича показали украинцам

Yanukovych was buried in the place where lie the bodies of 50 thousand participants in the battle of Sevastopol, which took place in the middle of the last century.

The local monastery Archpriest Georgy Polyakov said that in this place are the military, who protected the city. Tombstone and monument to the son of Yanukovych is made in the style in which manufactured monuments senior ranks of the military, buried in the cemetery. St. Nicholas Church is the owner of the site of the cemetery where buried former Ukrainian MP Viktor Yanukovych Jr..

The caretaker noted that the cemetery will continue to bury parishioners and the priests of the monastery. Monastery caretaker also added that there were buried the colonels, who died 2 years ago, in 2016-2017. There also graves of soldiers that died in Syria.

ВИП-кладбище, охрана и только один посетитель: могилу Януковича показали украинцам

Place of burial Yanukovych personally supervised by the monastery Archpriest Georgy Polyakov. He decides can or can not. It is believed that to bury there the parishioners, who knows personally the curator or those who put Church donations.

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