Vincent Cassel and his young wife Tina are Friends who named their daughter the unusual name: “in honor of the river”

Венсан Кассель и его молодая жена Тина Кунаки назвали дочь необычным именем: «в честь реки»

A few weeks ago, 52-year-old actor and his 21-year-old wife became the parents of

French actor Vincent Cassel in the third time became the father of his third daughter. The child’s mother was the model for Tina Kunaki.

The couple did not hide the pregnancy of Tina. She actively posed for photos and posted photos on his page in social network Instagram. Was no exception and the birth of a daughter. A young mother shared with followers a photo of his baby girl.

Венсан Кассель и его молодая жена Тина Кунаки назвали дочь необычным именем: «в честь реки»

But then, as called the girl, it became known a few days ago.

This information Vincent Cassel has shared in the network Instagram.

The actor posted a photo of the Amazon river and revealed the secret. “Amazonia was born,” wrote Cassell.

Earlier, the actor was married to Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who bore him two daughters. Now the girls are 15 and 9 years old.

With a new wife Kassel formalized the relationship in late summer 2018. BEFORE that, the couple dated for two years.

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happy birthday mama I love you even more now that I’m gonna be a mama too

A post shared by tina kunakey (@tinakunakey) on Jan 31, 2019 at 9:14am PST

As previously reported, Monica Bellucci recently for the first time were published together with his young boyfriend, and now the couple continues to attend events together. 54-year-old Monica Bellucci and 36-year-old artist Nicolas Lefebvre visited gala-concert of the brand, Cartier, held in the castle Conergy in Paris.

The lovers appeared on the red carpet together, hand in hand, and not hiding their relationship, posed for photographers.

Nicolas Lefebvre was probably somewhat confused so many attention from the press. For Bellucci is the usual case, the star is used to being at social events and be the center of attention.

With the French artist, set-designer and owner of an art gallery, Bellucci met in 2017, but to this day prefers not to disclose to reporters details of his personal life.

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Amazonie est née ❤it’s amazing

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Put them together not only a love of painting and sculpture, but also a passion for travel. By virtue of their professions, both often visit other cities and countries.

Recall that Monica Bellucci was intrigued by the new dark way: “Like a widow”.

As reported Politeka, Monica Bellucci stunned the dirty fingernails on the red carpet.

Politeka also wrote that Monica Bellucci caught with a young lover: photo hot kisses.