VIDEO When Agathe Auproux takes off his glasses and dares to the neckline, it is even more canon – Here

Agathe Auproux has surprised the viewers in Key not at my post last night. Disguised as Jeanne Mas, the columnist took off his glasses and dared a sexy neckline that has put everyone of agreement.

Invited yesterday to dress up in stars of the 80s before going back on the tray Key not at my post, columnists Cyril Hanouna – and himself- have played the game and wearing funny costumes. When Benjamin Castaldi took to Boy George, Valerie Bénaïm put everything on Plastic Bertrand and Jean-Luc Lemoine turned into George Michael. But the costume that marked viewers is that of Agathe Auproux who had until then been accustomed viewers to other looks, much more wise.

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Usually, Agathe Auproux it is a square brown smooth and a pair of glasses screwed on the nose. So when the brunette 26-year-old has landed yesterday evening disguised as Jeanne Mas, she has created the surprise. It is in a mini-skirt in black leather, fishnet tights and a top, very low neckline that the columnist has made his entry in the show. Viewers have also noticed that the young woman had removed her glasses to play its role fully. Another woman, in sum, who has apparently seduced on Instagram. To read the comments conquered users, Agathe Auproux may be dressing up more often now !

So there I was disguised by Jeanne Mas. Here it is.

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