VIDEO Very sexy, Kelli Vedovelli reveals her bra in Key not at my post – Here

Tonight, in Key not at my post, Kelli Vedovelli arrived in an outfit that revealed her bra. So sexy !

New recruit this year in Key not at my post, Kelli Vedovelli has quickly become the effortless charm of the show. From the early days, it has melted some critics, including Maxime Guény who invited her one evening to dinner. Unfortunately, no story of love has led them, to the chagrin of the expert media.

Tonight again, Kelli Vedovelli has turned heads by arriving on the shelf in a result of the most sexy. She was wearing a mini dress transparent black, whose neckline revealed her bra. “You told me backstage that I was a little too revealing today,” she started to Cyril Hanouna, quoting Maxime Guény and Benjamin Castaldi. And the facilitator to comment on the humor in his dress : “No kidding, she is disguised as a bat”

It was not necessary any more for Jean-Michel Mayor, to make a note embarrassing : “Ah, well, I want to make me suc** ! “A comment salacious which has embarrassed the whole assembly.

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