VIDEO Thomas Sotto : bitter about Europe 1, he reveals getting kicked out for “dirty” – Here

Guest Daily-yesterday evening, Thomas Sotto is back from its foreclosure of Europe 1. A separation is brutal and has done a lot of harm to the journalist.

He woke up the listeners of Europe 1 for 4 years, Thomas Sotto was, therefore, never doubted for one moment that this appointment that morning was to end, at least not like that. Last may, the reporter had the unpleasant surprise to learn through the press that he was going to be replaced by another in the fall. “Despite my numerous requests, I still haven’t been contacted by my bosses. “was he surprised. And it is ultimately his successor Patrick Cohen, who confirmed the bad news.

At the end of the season, Thomas Sotto has therefore made his adieux with much emotion in the morning “Europe 1″ and is finished with a poignant message for his son, Antoine, ” I’m going to be able to finally take the petit-dej with you (…) Even if we should not talk too loud because I listen to the radio. Because Europe 1, this is my life since I was a kid and it’s not going to stop tomorrow. “he said the throat.

Listeners wake up now with Patrick Cohen, and the 44 year old journalist continues his path. In September, he took over the reins of the issue for further investigation aired on France 2. Invited to talk about it on the Daily last night, of course, it is income at the request of Yann Barthes on his brutal departure from Europe 1. To summarize, it has been “fired dirtily” and the divorce is very wrong, in any case, it is still struggling to digest the case. “This is a story of 4 years, it is a love story that ended badly. I have been dumped, these are the things that happen. It seems that the love stories end badly in general “, said the journalist. Even if there is still a lot of bitterness, he prefers to keep ” the good memories “. The chapter is closed, the book is closed. “I’m not going to spend the rest of my life navel gazing, I’m going to look at the world around me is more interesting. “he concluded with a lot of philosophy.

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