VIDEO The adorable message surprise of Nicolas Sarkozy Carla Bruni, live on France 2 – Here

Yesterday evening, as she was not expecting it at all, Carla Bruni has had the surprise to discover a loving message to her husband Nicolas Sarkozy. Invited at Laurent Delahousse, the singer did not hide his emotion.

It is a very nice surprise that comes to Nicolas Sarkozy his wifeCarla Bruni. Invited by Laurent Delahousse in 20: 30 on Sunday yesterday evening, the singer has discovered a tender message left to her by our former president of the Republic. A short video recorded on a smartphone in which the former head of State does not hide his pride. “Carla, I have a message for you, says Nicolas Sarkozy. You do not know at what point you realized a performance with your last album. A performance of a singer, a performance artist on stage and I want to tell you a thing, you got me impressed. I’m proud of you, the work you have done and the effort you do to dominate all of your doubts and to offer to the public which is without doubt your most beautiful album of the singer. “

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Faced with so many compliments from her man, Carla Bruni was immediately lowered the head. “It is not very intimate like message, continued Nicolas Sarkozy. But at the bottom, I hesitated. They have asked me to do… It bugs me a little bit to do it… You’re going to tell me that it means you embarrass as when you were a child and your mother was trying to put you in before… I am your husband… but at the same time, it would really have me pissed off not to be present in the issuance of mr. Delahousse to say that, at bottom, it’s great what you’ve done. Forget that I am your husband and I’m really proud of you. “In the Face of so much love, Carla Bruni remained in voice, stating that she would be unable to sing after that… which was not the case, don’t worry !

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