VIDEO Stéphane Guillon goes back on its ‘about’ Vincent Bolloré : “I think it has been misunderstood” – Here

Invited yesterday in C to you, Stéphane Guillon came back on the criticism he had addressed against Vincent Bolloré. Of the remarks which have cost her her place in Salvation to Earthlings.

Last June, we learned the ouster of Stephane Guillon of the issuance Salvation of the Earthlings, the latter having been pushed towards the exit by the management of the Canal+ group. This decision, which has been imposed upon the program facilitator Thierry Ardisson, is a response to the citric that the comedian had held against his boss, Vincent Bolloré, in October 2016.

“This is not because you are buying something that you have the right to do anything. I think that you are liable for the story of a string. […] This would not have been serious if Bolloré had bought TF1, it was his first idea. But he has landed at Canal+, it saddens me “, he said on the set of C to you.

Invited yesterday evening in the talk show on France 5, Stéphane Guillon came back on his words. “Listen, this is a declaration of love to the canal+ Channel. The Channel that I liked, The Horns in the clear, Le Grand Journal. Here, I am a child of Canal+ and it was a way to express a certain form of nostalgia, he explained, before laughing at it. I think it has been misunderstood. “The end of history.

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