VIDEO Sophie Davant : its zouk inflamed with Keen’V in Key not at my post – Here

Yesterday evening, in Key not at my post, Sophie Davant has proven her dancing skills in running a zouk with the singer Keen’V.

On Monday evening, Cyril Hanouna received Sophie Davant on the tray Key not at my post. The opportunity for the facilitator to go back on his refusal to participate in this year’s Dancing with the stars8 on TF1. As she had already confided a few months ago in Tv Leisure, his time on France 2, which includes two daily programs prevents to devote to any other activity.

Yet, would very much love to participate, she is very passionate about dance. “I think it would be fun because I like dancing, and I love the competition,” she confided yesterday to Cyril Hanouna.

To prove that it had its place in the issuance of TF1, Sophie Davant has performed a live dance on the stage of the issuance. It is in the arms of Keen’V, present also around the table, that the facilitator has ignited the track with a zouk. A glued-tight very successful on the title Maldon who gave envy to Baba to share a few steps with it. He could not resist !

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