VIDEO Secret Story 11 : the death of Johnny Hallyday announced to the inhabitants – Here

Cut off from the world for several weeks, the inhabitants have learned yesterday evening by an ad The Voice the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday.

Yesterday morning, many French woke up in the sadness. In the night of 5 December, Johnny Hallyday, has died at the age of 74 years died of cancer of the lung. A terrible news that has caused a wave of shock in France and elicited a lot of reactions. Tributes poured in on social networks and television, each of which has agreed to take the word in spite of the grief to salute the memory of the one that was called ” the idol of the youth “.

If the new heart-wrenching revealed very soon by a message poignant de Laeticia Hallyday has made the rounds of homes and media, some of which have not been made aware of the disappearance of the rock legend French. This is notably the case of the candidate of Secret Story. Locked in the campus of the secrets for many weeks, the inhabitants are cut off from the world and no longer have access to the information. So they learned the drama of hours after the whole of France.

Christophe Beaugrand explained on the plateau of the Debrief, so in the early evening, the four finalists were to be notified of the death of Johnny Hallyday by a Voice message, as was done in 2009, when the disappearance of Michael Jackson. Connected with the campus secrets, the viewers have lived the live announcement. Shocked, the people are struggling to realize what The Voice has to tell them. “To me it is thanks to him that I called Laura,” said the brunette, nicknamed The Snow Queen. Like all French, they all have in them something of Johnny.

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