VIDEO Seal explains where the impressive scars that he has on the face – Here

Guest in the emission Thierry Ardisson, singer Seal has answered all the questions of the man in black, including the one about the scars he has on his face.

Go as a guest on the set of Hi Earthlings, it is to accept the fact that Thierry Ardisson does not no question. A side Cash investigation that has not scared Alec, who is on loan with the elegance of this experience Saturday night. The singer of 54 years of age, has been asked by the husband of Audrey Crespo-Mara what is the origin of the impressive scars that he has on his face.

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A very personal question, but that “all the world” arises, according to him, and to which the artist replied candidly : “You know there is an old proverb that says that scars are like tattoos but with stories more interesting. So, mine is from a disease called lupus. This is a discoid lupus that I contracted when I was 23 years old “. A disease in which a symptom is to transform the skin (mainly the face) in scar tissue.

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A disease that has profoundly transformed the physiognomy of the Seal, but it has come to completely accept it. It is as well reminded of an anecdote that occurred a few years after the illness, as he had just released his first tube. A woman crossed in the street had recognised him thanks to his scars : “something which at the beginning was difficult for me at first, became my signature “, he concluded.

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