VIDEO Reality tv, ads on Instagram… Nabilla reveals its income – Here

Interviewed yesterday in further investigation, Nabilla has revealed how she was reaching for her reality show and its publications promoted on Instagram.

Incorporating love is blind on TF1 in 2011, Nabilla had a very specific purpose : to make a lot of money. A goal that she has managed to realise two years later, thanks to its huge buzz in The Angels of reality tv 5, 2013. She had exclaimed : “Hello! No, but hey, what! You are a girl, you have no shampoo ? “A sentence that has brought him sudden fame and all proposals enticing that go with it.

At the same time, Nabilla has boosted its community of fans on social networks, which allows him today to generate money through product placements. Besides its grand return this year in The incredible adventures of Nabilla and Thomas in Australia, for which she was handsomely paid.

“Today, what I’ve managed to do is transform the empty into something. I’ve written two books, including a bestseller, I was a columnist, I’ve marched, ” she welcomed in further investigation, on France 2. The latter is not hidden, the financial aspect has always been its engine : “I was looking for the money, I had no training, I had not done any studies, my parents were divorced when I was very young, and the house is a little part in a spin…”

The starlet was also confirmed to have touched a six-figure income for his latest reality tv. “Yes, this is the case, it is six figures, she revealed, somewhat embarrassed. It can vary, but in general, I don’t argue too much with my stamps… ” And for advertising on Instagram then ? She explained touching between 3000 and 6000 euros per publication. Of pretty are that does not prevent it to do other things. “I’m not having to do reality tv all my life, she continued. I do a lot of other things, I have plans for the film, which will be finalized in the month of march. I’m going to turn in a film or two. This film will be a story of a generation. It offers me things. “We see it yes.

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