VIDEO of The day Sandrine Quétier has dredged Brad Pitt… and took a big rake – Here

For an interview, Sandrine Quétier had to seduce Brad Pitt. A number of charm, which didn’t really work, and which she still remembers.

When your boss asks you to do something, in general you do. This is how Sandrine Quétier found herself playing the seductress in the face of a huge star of the american cinema. A moment a little embarrassing that she was able to relive for the first 10 years of a 50-minute Inside.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the show, the teams have searched in the archives and have found the 5 important encounters of the duo of animators, Nikos Aliagas and Sandrine Quétier. And this is Manu Payet who came to show them the videos in the mode relaxing on a houseboat. Of the stars, they saw the scroll in front of their camera in 10 years and among them, there are Brad Pitt says ‘ interview with the doomed “. A moment that the moderator is not ready to forget since she has already referred to this episode… and to his delight, the images have surfaced.

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Sandrine Quétier was the first to encounter the actor in September 2007. If the game of questions and answers began normally, but it quickly runs off the rails. Indeed, after interviewing the sex-symbol on his career, the moderator has attempted to charm… at the request of its editor-in-chief ! “It was only a 4-minute interview of Brad Pitt so it’s not going to do some crazy stuff… You’ll be cruising ! “says the presenter of Dancing with the Stars. And as we have asked him to go ” to the bottom “, it isn’t gone of dead hand. “Is that it is easy for a girl to seduce you ? “, she asked a Brad Pitt completely embarrassed. Even if he replied that it was ” impossible “, she asked him what he was doing on the evening of the interview. Again, big stop. The charm Quétier has not operated.

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It must be said that at this time, the actor was madly in love with Angelina Jolie, they were still the mythical Brangelina. A couple that was believed to be indestructible, and yet is in the midst of a crisis a few years later. If ever they were given appointments in 10 years, it just might work. Finally, this is not safe…

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