VIDEO of His 1st album, his reunion with his father, after The Voice : interview of Lisandro Cuxi – Here

There it is : Lisandro Cuxi released his first album dubbed My lucky star. The winner of the last season of The Voice is assigned to Voici.fr.

At only 18 years old, Lisandro Cuxi has won the sixth season of The Voice. Since his victory on TF1, the teenager continued his career and comes out on 15 September his first album, which contained her single Dance. The young singer, very comfortable, has spoken on his relationship with his father. During the semi-final of The Voice, the latter has rocked the viewers in interpreting the title If only I could miss him of Calogero. A cry from the heart that has finally been heard.

“Since the semi-final, we had the phone while it’s been a long time anyway. It really allowed me to create links, as before, ” revealed Lisandro, who has even offered a small restaurant with his dad and has even dedicated a song in his album, Live without you. Supported throughout the competition of The Voice by his coach, M Pokora, the singer still has very strong links with the latter, that ” even outside of it is still there “.

Much-hyped since his victory in the télécrochet, Lisandro has also spoken of his new life and the demands of his many fans. But the artist, a native of Cape Verde and was born in Lisbon, don’t forget where it comes from. Arrived in France to 9 years and not speaking a word of French, Lisandro remembers this very difficult period where he was a victim of teasing particularly because of its problems of stuttering. A disability that is no longer an issue today for him.

“Before you assume, I was in control a lot and I do bégayais almost not. But it was a weight, because each time before you speak, it was a mess, ” said Lisandro, who prefers to be himself. This career and this album sound so as ” a victory after all those times of hard times. Check out our video interview.

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