VIDEO Nolwenn Leroy : the apologies of Jean-Michel Mayor after being attacked in his physical – Here

This evening, Jean-Michel Mayor apologized to Nolwenn Leroy after violently criticized his physique in 2014.

In June 2014, Jean-Luc Lemoine had shown in his Questions by 4/3 of the about that had kept Jean-Michel Mayor off against Nolwenn Leroy, invited a few days earlier in Key not at my post. A sequence in which the columnist had attacked the singer by describing her physical ” disgusting “. Very appreciative of the artist, Valérie Benaïm had then responded : “It looks like a doll. She has big blue eyes, a small mouth red cherry. “But it had added a layer, by starting :” If I want a doll, I’ll buy one ! “

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These images were again broadcast this evening on the occasion of the coming of Nolwenn Leroy on the set of C8. Embarrassed by his remarks, Jean-Michel Mayor went to the artist with a bouquet of roses for him to apologize. “I’m sorry, this is the age, he explained. As I get older, I become completely embittered. I say to the evil of the world, I’m like Tatie Danielle. It is a total disaster. “

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Jean-Michel Mayor was then caught up by stating : “Obviously it is wonderful, and his fans know much more than me. It is fantastic, of course. I’m sorry. “The interpreter Trace your path, for its part, ensured that it did not expect as much :” I wanted not at all rigorous. “The case is closed.

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