VIDEO Mia Éméyé in tears after a tribute to Julien Courbet – Here

Yesterday evening Mia Éméyé na could not restrain his emotion at the time of its passage in It is that of the tv. Affected by a speech of Julien Courbet, the leader of France 3 was melted in tears when the presenter asked the audience to stand up and applaud.

Mia Éméyé will long remember his passage in It is that of the tv. Invited yesterday evening in the issuance of C8, the presenter of France 3 was not expecting to receive a standing ovation from the audience. The fault of Julien Courbet, who had decided to pay tribute to his sister and to his struggle for Samy, his autistic son born in 2005.

Just arrived on the plateau, wild Rose Éméyé has been welcomed by a speech prepared by the facilitator is that of television : “The woman next to me is a saint. I say that in the biblical sense of the term. You may have seen this extraordinary documentary that she has dedicated to her son. It was the struggle of a mom who has an autistic son. It is important to know that Rosehip has spent sleepless nights whole to care for the boy, who was in crisis, who clasped his head against a wall “.

If Julien Courbet has taken to make this tribute to Mia Éméyé, it is because it has a lot worked with the facilitator : “I had the opportunity to work often with it and in the morning when she arrived, she had a smile like that, she never complained once of his life. And she not only had to know how she was going to eat her family, that she cared for this child 24 hours on 24 and the approximately quarter of an hour that she had to rest, she set up an association to help moms.”

In the Face of a wild Rose Éméyé already very affected, Julien Courbet has asked one thing new to the audience of the program : “Then I’m going to ask you, and it has never done so, you stand up and applaud ms. Mia Éméyé. I wanted to make you this tribute “. Very moved, the guest of the program was not able to hold back his tears in the face of this very nice attention.

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