VIDEO Mallaury Nataf : the residents of its neighbourhood fear for her physical and mental health – Here

Mallaury Nataf is not going well, and have been for many years. The ex-actor who now lives in the street often comes across the path of the residents of his district, and these last are worried about it.

In recent weeks, concerns about Mallaury Nataf had resurfaced. The former star of the series The honey and the bees going through for the past several years a very difficult period, which led to her losing custody of her youngest son, as well as his home. A situation that had become even more worrisome in recent weeks, and had pushed his former producer, no news of her for several weeks, to launch an appeal for help. Since then, Mallaury Nataf had been found and was indeed ” alive “, although her condition seemed hardly to have improved.

In his show, Jean-Marc Morandini Live, broadcast today on CNews, the facilitator has sent teams to inquire with the residents and merchants of the third arrondissement of Paris, where Mallaury Nataf has its habits. And in the opinion of all, the physical and mental health of the former actress of 45 years is very worrying. “It was found lost. It passed in front of, she was talking all alone, but it was not in its normal state ” after a coffee shop in the neighborhood. For another resident, it is no doubt that it ” is a little bit messed up unfortunately. A mental fragility and physical, because Mallaury Nataf would also be “very weak” and ” very lean “.

In the opinion of all those who have crossed his path, she is ” very hurt the heart “. A finding of significant concern, and which gives an overview of the urgency to help him.

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