Video is not available! The series “servant of the people” blocked for viewing: what happened

Видео недоступно! Сериал "Слуга народа" заблокировали для просмотра: что произошло

The series “servant of the people”, where the main role was played by President Vladimir Zelensky, may 22, in Russia it became impossible to watch on YouTube

This is done at the request of the copyright holder. It is reported by the Russian Interfax.

Previously, the series was available on YouTube on the official channel of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. It is noted that now the YouTube links to all the series of reports that video is not available in one country, in Russia.

Earlier Bulgaria’s Pro-Russian party of Vazrazhdane (Revival) on the eve of elections to the European Parliament has used in its promotional video footage from the TV series “servant of the people” in which a character shoots Sakskogo MPs.

Видео недоступно! Сериал "Слуга народа" заблокировали для просмотра: что произошло

On 17 April the report of the national Council on television and radio on the results of monitoring it was said that some fragments from the TV series “servant of the people”, in which the main role played Zelensky, has dubbed his election program.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zelensky became a model for the creation of the party of Ivan Urgant in Russian Federation. About it in a video interview Politeka stated Russian opposition politician, former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev.

According to him, the trend for new faces in politics was picked up in Russia. Now in Russia began to create an analog of the phenomenon of Ukrainian Zelensky – political forces for a humorous TV presenter Ivan Urgant.

“The trend was clear – to take a liberal niche celebrity politikami, which will support the youth. And I really do wonder how in the mind of Putin is winning Zelensky – he also thinks the conspiracy theories,” says Ponomarev.

In addition, the ex-MP stressed that the political managers of Putin’s consider a appearance trend nepoliticos in power as a danger and it is for this reason preparing the party Urgant is a precautionary action.

The politician also explained that Putin probably believes Zelensky conspiracy and what the conspiracy sees the President of the Russian Federation depends on the tone of communication of Russia with the newly elected President of Ukraine.

Видео недоступно! Сериал "Слуга народа" заблокировали для просмотра: что произошло

Recall that Zelensky has officially dissolved the Parliament and sacked the key politicians.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky urgently appealed to Putin.

Also Politeka wrote, Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians with an important statement.