VIDEO Commemoration of the 13 November : the handshake icy between Emmanuel Macron and Hollande – Here

This morning, Emmanuel Macron attended the commemorations of the 13th of November. An event during which he was hailed by how icy his predecessor at the Elysée, François Hollande.

Between Emmanuel Macron and François Hollande, the cloth burns for a few weeks. Exit the side a paternalistic one to one and loving to the other, between the two men. Today, our president of the Republic no longer hesitate to criticize Holland, avoiding to name it by dropping a simple ” my predecessor.” What annoy François Hollande launches – himself – in the criticism of the husband of Brigitte Macron via SMS and bloody sent to his relatives. “Francis is very angry, reveals one of the recipients in the new yorker. Between these two, it doesn’t take much for it to rub. He will not nothing at Emmanuel. François will swing in a one of these four, I don’t know when. “By then, our two men of State are trying to play good when they are together, like this morning, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 13th of November.

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The moment is fleeting, but has not escaped anyone. Prompted this morning during the deposition of the sheaves / minute of silence in front of the Little Cambodia, the Chimes, the Beautiful Team and the Bataclan, François Hollande, has not escaped the grip of the hand with Emmanuel Macron. A time of glacial and – since – very-commented on social networks, where the two men have not looked at their greeting, trying to move on to something else faster…

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