VIDEO Claude Francois “tyrannical and dictatorial” behind-the-scenes, images rare – Here

A perfectionist to the extreme, Claude François was living hell to the teams behind the scenes. A short sequence of its behavior and frosty with Claudettes in the full repetition comes to be revealed.

This week, ARTE broadcast Claude Francois, the shadow at the table, a documentary of an hour in which Karl Zero and his girlfriend pierce the mystery Cloclo. Between archive footage and testimonies from fans (always too exalted), the survey tries to update the hidden side of the artist most loved in France in the 70’s.

>>> Alain Chamfort tells the story of how, mad with jealousy, Claude François sabotait his concerts

In the middle of this portrait is thin enough, a sequence unlikely to Claude François and his Claudettes in full rehearsal. An icy control freak in the middle of his dancers while in the midst of a conflict, the interpreter, As usual, is not that which is expected. “Away from her glamorous image, emphasizes Karl Zero voice-overs, the Cloclo behind-the-scenes scares everyone. Stalin trays, tyrannical and despotic, if nothing escapes his eagle eye, it is always for the good cause. The one of absolute perfection. “Rare pictures (Claude François DETESTAIT that we are witnessing its repetition) that we offer above.

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