VIDEO Big discomfort after a report in a thalasso : the images are very evocative – Here

France 3 Champagne-Ardenne wanted to bring its viewers the joys of thalasso and massage treatments. But the report broadcasted to the antenna proved to be very inconvenient, especially for the intervener.

Sometimes a simple framing makes all the difference. On the 19th of October on France 3 Champagne-Ardenne, Valerie Alexander suggested to the viewers of his show, 9: 50 am in the morning a story on the spa town of Contrexéville, in the Vosges. The occasion for the journalist Gregory Boileau we dive in immersion in the middle of a massage session.

During his visit, he met Rosie, a client at the fitness centre, which tasted the pleasure of a small massage is revitalizing. This last has, therefore, agreed to answer a few small questions. “It’s going very well ! I am so thrilled ! Each year, I keep coming back because these are really exclusive care, ” said Rosie, at the microphone of France 3.

But in order not to show on the screen of the client in the process of being massaged while she wore only a panty, the cameraman has opted for a framing very tight, stopping on the shoulders of the speaker. On the screen, the viewers have so overview of Rosie lying on her stomach, while making movements back and forth, very suggestive, under the impulse of the beauticians.

“This massage is a marvel. Especially the synchronization of two people, it is very relaxing ! “said Rosie, still jostled by the movements are very jerky. A sequence is very bothersome, that was a lot of laughter from Valerie Alexander on their return to the plateau. The journalist, a crazy laugh, has struggled to thank his colleague, who invited him to join him to enjoy, it also, a small moment of relaxation. No way pou

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