VIDEO Benjamin Castaldi was not aware of the drama experienced by his ex-wife Flavie Flament – Here

Yesterday evening, Benjamin Castaldi is income on the rape suffered by his ex-wife Flavie Flament when she was a teenager. A tragic episode that she never discussed with him.

The consolation, the movie inspired from the book confession was written by Flavie Flament has won a great success on Tuesday evening on France 3. Viewers were able to discover with a lot of emotions the tragic events lived by the facilitator who has been raped by a famous photographer when she was a teenager. “It was 13 years old, one is faced with someone who is over 50, which instructs us to lie down on a balcony, begins to indulge in things which we know for once that it is serious” , she revealed last year at the release of his book.

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Married to Flavie Flament for 4 years, Benjamin Castaldi has obviously been invited to respond to the dissemination of this testimony shock in Key not at my post, a story of which he was unaware. First impressed by the interpretation of Léa Drucker, who performs the mother of his ex-wife, he told Cyril Hanouna that he had never been made aware of the drama that she had lived. However, the facilitator explains that he had felt a malaise, something that was not in this mother-daughter relationship very special. “I didn’t know this episode of his tragic life. On the other hand, I had always seen something special, a family secret. “, he recounted, ” Flavie never talked about it, of course, that is the whole point of his book, but I suspected that there was something that had not been in his life. ”

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Now divorced from the mother of his son Enzo, columnist Cyril Hanouna still wanted to give him all his support, “I hope it has relieved honestly, this book and this film,” he concluded.

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