VIDEO Benjamin Castaldi and Cyril Hanouna have been having an affair with the same woman (the same period) – Here

Yesterday evening, we learned that Benjamin Castaldi and Cyril Hanouna have lived a story with the same woman, at the same time.

On Monday evening, the hour was the revelations in Key not at my post. In a section entitled The secret box of the chroniclers, the viewers have learned a lot of things on the intimate life of the team. By reading aloud the card, Cyril Hanouna has seen despite his past lovers resurface : “In another life, Cyril and Benjamin have had the same lover. “Caught short, the two hosts have experienced a great moment of embarrassment. “Frankly, that is what swung this doss ?, asked by Cyril Hanouna. It is an idea to the con this box. Who threw that ? “

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He immediately suspected his great friend Valérie Benaïm, the latter being the only one to know his life on the tip of your fingers. If the columnist has confessed to be the origin of this revelation, Benjamin Castaldi has indeed confirmed this story. Refusing, however, to tell when this case goes back, he explained : “there are prescription. We shared a half-time in fact. “An assertion that has made them uneasy, Cyril Hanouna. “Me, I tell you the truth, this was not my girl. I’ve never had to adventure with this girl, ” he defended. “Ah, if ! “replied the ex-presenter of TF1, determined to restore the truth. One of the two seems to have more desire to forget that the other…

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