VIDEO Ayem Nour discusses his surprising neckline at the NRJ Music Awards – Here

This evening, in the Mad Mag, Ayem Nour has responded to the buzz generated by her dress at the NRJ Music Awards.

Last Saturday, Ayem Nour made an appearance very noticed on the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards. The moderator of NRJ12 is, in fact, finish with a beige dress, very sparkly, the neckline seemed to crush him in the chest. An outfit that has earned him many jibes on the canvas.

Seeing this decolletégate gain momentum on the social networks, she responded the next day by posting a photo montage. To the left we could see a photo taken in the backstage and to the right, a photograph taken by the photographers on the red carpet. “Reality VS. the Paparazzi “, could we read in the legend.

On Monday evening, Ayem Nour obviously could not avoid the subject on the set of Mad Mag. “No one will mind talking about my dress ?, she started by returning to the ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards. At the base, I had a super nice neckline and I don’t know what happened with the shadows, the lights and the photographers. It looks like I had a taco at the place of the breast. Like that, at any time, I could take it out and eat it ! “She preferred to take the thing with humor, and she’s right.

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