VIDEO Alessandra Sublet goes down Thierry Ardisson and his side, “very first degree” – Here

Guest on RTL in We redid the tv, Alessandra Sublet has fuelled the war against Thierry Ardisson by revealing the lack of the second degree of the one they nicknamed ” Grandpa Zany “.

The end of the war between Thierry Ardisson and Alessandra Sublet, this is not for tomorrow… For the past several years, the two protagonists of the fighting in the series do not tire of sending spades well placed to the opponent. And this is not a short truce in 2015 which will be allowed to fix things. Yet last June, the facilitator of Salvation, the humans had paid Alessandra Sublet, who had not waited for him to answer.

Invited in, We redid the tv on RTL, the facilitator took the opportunity to put a layer of it on his worst enemy by typing where it hurts. Two things seem to get excited at the highest point the man in black : the jokes about his age and when his rival takes the words that she had said in 2014 : “I believe that he is in love with me. […] You know, it’s like the guys that you wasted a little bit because in fact they are attracted to you, but they do not dare to tell you. “

In the Face of Eric Dussart, Alessandra Sublet, therefore, has not missed the one that she has nicknamed him “Grandpa Zany” : “The rare times where I said, I was at the microphone of a radio competitor, returning to these stories and I said,” But it must be crazy in love with me.” And he farted a lead, I swear to you that it is true, he sent me a text message. His wife sent me a text, hyper first degree, in putting myself “do You realize, we just married”. I said, “Hello, I’m doing a joke” “.

It is at this time that Alessandra Sublet is understood that Thierry Ardisson was not trying to joke : “I realized that Grandpa Zany, he was hyper first degree “. The presenter of TF1 does not tire for as many of these tackles to repeat : “first, it would be a bit useless, I think. This is the best advertising he could get me, because even when I’m not there, I’m still here, so it’s cool “.

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