Victory day under the new rules: it’s forbidden the Ukrainians to make may 9

День победы по новым правилам: что запрещено украинцам делать 9 мая

Victory day over Nazism in the Second world war on may 9 in Ukraine for the fourth year in a row celebrating new

This day passes without a parade, military equipment and St. George ribbons.

Besides, on may 8, Ukraine celebrates the Day of memory and reconciliation, and may 9 is the 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazism in the Second world war. These two holidays in Ukraine began to celebrate together not so long ago, in 2016. They replaced the Soviet “victory Day”.

Earlier in Ukraine on may 9 staged a pompous parade, which is necessarily accompanied by a display of military equipment. However, with the beginning of Russian aggression, this tradition began to move away in the past. In recent years, may 9, in Kiev held marches of military bands. The celebration of the victory over Nazism in Ukraine has brought new rules. During the celebration, banned the use of Soviet and Nazi symbols. In addition, according to Ukrainian legislation, gone is the term “Great Patriotic war”.

День победы по новым правилам: что запрещено украинцам делать 9 мая

Now may 8 and 9 Ukrainians laid flowers to the Monument of Eternal Glory and remember the heroes that ended the Second world war. The younger generation communicates with veterans, which left very little.

Last year in Kiev was held a March “Immortal regiment”. Directly the action was attended by about 1,500 persons. The participants were carrying posters of those killed during the Second world war and moved the “corridor” from the “Arsenalna” to the square of Fame, which the militiamen passed through the metal detector.

Near the gathering place played songs of the Soviet frontline. However, on Ivan Mazepa street a band was playing, singing a Ukrainian song “Nich yaka msacn”, for example.

День победы по новым правилам: что запрещено украинцам делать 9 мая

This year may 9 is traditionally in the Park of Eternal Glory will take place the solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the tomb of the Unknown soldier and the National Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II in the framework of a concert-themed program “Remember — Winning” there will be a memorial Requiem “Memory” prayer for peace in Ukraine.

In addition, on the Singing field of Pechersk landscape Park for visitors prepared artistic program “Years never of memory do not erase” with the participation of artists, art Amateur and veteran Amateur teams.

Recall, Ukraine will be able to reveal all the secrets of the Soviet Union: a historic decision.

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