Victim in a car trunk, a man appeared

simon-menard-25-ans-gatineauThe man wanted since last Saturday, in an apparent attempt botched kidnap between Cantley and Meech Lake, was arrested.

Law reported Monday that a man with the bloody head was seen Blanchet Beach at Meech Lake on 18 June. The alleged victim explained to people on the ground that she was beaten and put into a car trunk.

The 23 year old man had managed to escape from the car running and to get help to the beach.

The main suspect appeared at the Gatineau courthouse. The court documents are consistent with the story in our pages Monday morning.

Simon Menard, 29, of Gatineau, is charged with seven counts, including the attempted murder. Although accused of kidnapping, he was not charged with kidnapping by the police of the MRC des Collines.

According to our sources, a nebula daughter and drug history made this case.

A collaboration between the different police services in the region has to recognize Ménard, who has been involved with a woman, the following Tuesday the Meech Lake. For its part, the Gatineau Police accused of three counts, including the assault and death threats against a woman.

According to witnesses who preferred to remain anonymous, this weekend, a man showed up at the beach with a bloody head wound. Leaning against a picnic table, he explained his misadventure while claiming to have nothing to do in this aggression. Always according to witnesses, the man said he received a blow to the head with a metal object before being locked in the trunk of a car.

“The victim was seriously injured by bullets and blunt force, confirms Martin Fournel of the police of the MRC des Colines. The investigation is still ongoing. ”

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