Vice-President of the European Commission maroš Šefčovič: energy market needs to run from 1 July of this year

Вице-президент Еврокомиссии Шефчович: рынок электроэнергии необходимо запустить с 1 июля этого года

Priorities for the new Ukrainian government will be the implementation of reforms in the sphere of economy and energy and, in particular, a speedy liberalization of the electricity market

This was during a briefing dedicated to the inauguration of the new President of Ukraine, said Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic, reports “Apostrophe”.

“It is extremely important to complete all necessary actions to ensure that from 1 July, earned a liberalized electricity market”, — said the European official.

Sefcovic also noted that going in the near future to discuss these issues with the new President of Ukraine.

“I have had the opportunity to discuss these issues with the Prime Minister, with the Ukrainian authorities, and later will have the opportunity to speak on this subject with his Excellency the President of Ukraine”, — said the official.

He added that whether Ukraine will be able to implement economic reforms and reforms in the energy sector will depend on whether it will receive the next tranche of macro-financial assistance from Western partners.

“In this regard, the President will have a very fast start, because this week will arrive in Ukraine, the IMF mission and the European Union, where the debate will focus on economic issues. We all believe that these negotiations will be successful, because the success of these reforms depends on whether the IMF program, and, accordingly, whether the European Union to grant Ukraine assistance in the framework of macro-financial assistance, which is crucial for the financial stability of Ukraine”, — said Vice-President of the European Commission.