“VIA Gra” stunned new “fire” video: “crazy”

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

“VIA Gra” has shared new video in the network causes a stir in fans

The soloist of group “VIA Gra” Eric Herzer on his page in Instagram happy fans, says Рoliteka. It turns out that the trio has released a new hit and video.

Star has published an excerpt from the video for the song “Love”. (To see the video, dockrillia to the end of the page)

The footage of the girl is presented in a stylish and hot images.

“Why don’t💥 Premiere #Lobal 🖤 As you clip?🤗 #Viagra…”, — has signed a video of Eric, putting the authors work.

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

For two hours, the post gathered more than 35 thousand Likes and plenty of comments.

“With the premiere❤ this🙌”, “cool Song👍🏼 You’re gorgeous! But this is not news😁😍”, “video Clip beautiful girl you’re on top of💜”, “received huge aesthetic pleasure, Erica you’re a big lad and very, very impressive look in the frame, the figure is simply divine ❤ I😍”, “Gorgeous ❤ I ❤ This”, “next year will be released next clip”, “crazy 😍😍😍”, “Girls, you beauty 😍🔥 Chic clip 💯 I really liked 💖”, “Clip-fire”, “Very cool 🔥🔥 🔥 Continue in the same spirit 🔥😘”, “Eric !!!! You just 🔥. Bravo girl !! So much ardour , sexuality! Costumes !!! 🔞 ❤ it’s amazing, ” wrote the user.

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

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We will remind, recently the network spread rumors that the producer group Konstantin Meladze had an affair with Erica of Herzer. However, the Director of the singer has denied this information:

“No speech about a personal relationship with Erica Constantine never was, and never will be”.

In addition, late wife Meladze, Vera Brezhnev, has published a post in which jokes over hearing about the affair. In particular, the artist said that Konstantin has a lot to do: he oversees five projects, makes a video and releases releases and also takes care of the family deals with children and helps the family. The star hinted that the producer simply has no time for infidelity.

"ВИА Гра" ошеломила новым "огненным" клипом: "Сносит крышу"

Earlier we wrote that the former soloist of “VIA gra” Tatyana Kotova, has published a photo, which appeared semi-Nude. The star posed in al Tazo-femoral bandage and the chest slightly closed, hugged her tree branch. Spectacular photos, as it turned out competitive:

“Already well in full swing the vote “100 sexiest women in the country” by MAXIM magazine…”, — signed photo of the singer.

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Hooray💥 Premiere #Lobal 🖤 As you clip?🤗 #Viagra See the clip on our YouTube channel. ⠀ SL./ Muz.: K. Meladze, Director: Zaur Zaseev @zaurzaseev Operator: Anton Zenkovich @zenkovichanton ⠀ Make up by Anna Kartashova @annbeauty Hair Tanya Rosso @tanirosso.pro Style Alexander Larikov @caxa.ru ⠀ © my butt Meladze Music #Lobal #VIAGRA #Premiere #MeladzeMusic

A post shared by Erika Herceg (@erikaherceg) on Oct 9, 2019 at 1:57 am PDT

We will remind, half-dressed Brezhnev revealed the secret slender figure.

As reported Politeka, Brezhnev was lit in the company of a young businessman at a fashion show.

Also Politeka wrote that Brezhnev without Meladze gave a luxurious stay in Paris.